Monday, December 15, 2014

Connecting....and Cleaning

I made it through super crazy week! YAY!!
Now, onto super almost Christmas week!
Time to get everything solidified for all of my church lady duties.
(In other words, make sure all my ducks are in a row, as far as music for the Christmas Masses goes.)
I should probably start thinking about my Christmas shopping at some point too.
And maybe a tree.
The first thing that needs to happen today, however, is a major overhaul on this house.
You can tell that Mark and I have been gone every night this week.
This place is an absolute disaster.
We have all been here just enough to make a big mess...but no one has been around enough to actually clean the mess up.
Guess who is home all day today.
Lucky me.

Anyway.  I have some thoughts.
They will probably be brief
First, let's get the rough stuff out of the way.

There has been far too much of it in the last few days.
Perhaps if I was in Nantucket, listening to foghorns from my lighthouse, I would enjoy it a bit more...but I am not.
Driving in it at night on roads that do not have freshly painted lines on them (one of my pet peeves) is scary.  My taxes are HIGH.  Buy some damn paint and make sure I can see where the heck the edge of the road is.  
Thank you.
Next item in the "rough" area.
I think a new law should be put into place called the "Eye For an Eye" law.
Anyone caught and convicted of abusing an animal or a child should be subjected to the same abuse as they inflicted.
No second chances.
No "I have money, and can hire a high powered attorney to get me out of this."
Nope.  You hurt a defenseless, innocent pay.
(I realize there are lots of variables here...but let's just keep it simple for today.)
(And yes, I've been reading too many sad animal stories again.)
I will stop here.
You know that show Mark and I have been doing in Winona this past week?
Well...we finished up with a Sunday matinee, which went well.
However, on Saturday night, we recorded it for a "live radio Broadcast."
I guess it won't actually be "live"....but it will kind of be live, because there were no "re-takes" or "do-overs."  This is most unfortunate, because for some reason, my brain decided that Saturday would be a good night to completely zone out.
There were a couple of minor mishaps.  In the first act, I hardly play at I typically just play with my phone, text people, hang out on Facebook, etc.
 When I would try and figure out where the heck we were in the script, I would set my phone on my lap, where it would inevitably start to slide off.
At one point, it did slide off, and go flying into my big water bottle thingy...which fell over and hit the bottom of the piano. 
None of this was quiet, by the way.  At all.
(The radio recorder guy was sitting like three feet from me.  He was not smiling.)
At another point, I was supposed to play some "filler" music while the lights went down....but once again, I was too busy screwing around with my phone (I was checking to see if the video of Lexie singing at her concert...that I was missing....had been posted yet.) I totally missed my cue, and the actors entered in silence.  Oops.
The very best part, however, was when I was singing my big number.
I was doing a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" where I start unaccompanied...singing the oft unheard intro "When all the clouds darken up the skyway, there's a rainbow highway to be found...leading from your window pane.  Just a step...beyond the rain"...and then the piano/bass/drums kick in.
It is typically quite lovely.
But my head was up in those dark clouds, because I jumped up to the high note a word too early....and did NOT recover well.
I sounded like a drunken dipstick swooping her way around....trying to figure out what the hell she was doing.
I am just so thrilled that will be broadcast for the world to hear.
And no, I don't know when, or on what station.
And I wouldn't tell you if I did.
Sometimes, you've just gotta

In happier news, I have had little angels showing up in unexpected places lately.
I came home to a sweet, home made surprise the other day, that one angel had dropped off.
Another had left a wonderful surprise for me on my desk at work.
At church today....I looked up, and an angel I haven't seen for far too long suddenly appeared before my eyes.....such a welcome surprise.
(And that angel and I need to have a coffee date this know who you are!! ;))
The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am by all the people in my life.
A lot of times, I find myself looking at all of the pictures people post on Facebook....the pictures of these big groups of friends who get together on a regular basis.  Or a bunch of couples who meet every couple weeks.  Or the women who have girls night every Friday night.  Or the families who vacation together.  Things like that.  I don't have that.  We really don't have any regular "groups" that we go out and do things with.  We don't have a night of the week or month that is set aside for some social activity.  Sometimes I wonder if we even have friends!  We have turned into such homebodies!
But then I take a step back, and realize that just because we aren't out doing social things, or being a part of a "group" doesn't mean that we are missing out on something.  It just means that we are like so many other people....we are busy, and when we do have some time, we just want to relax at home.  It's not because we don't have anyone to do things with.
When I look around me....I am never alone.  
Sure, I have friends whom I have known much longer than others, and friends that I tend to do more social things with.  However, there are so darn many people out there whom I truly consider friends.....people who I really care about, and am so happy to have in my life.  
Even if we have never gone out to dinner or had a chance to really get to know each other well yet....I love each interaction that I have with all of the people in my life...because every time we talk or see each other, it adds another layer to our bond.
Isn't that what life is about?  Creating connections with other people?  
Isn't that why we try new things, or get involved in something that interests us?  Because we know that it increases our chances of meeting others who have similar interests....and increases our chances of making new connections.
I don't know about you...but for me, that is one of the very best parts of life.  
I think that is one of the reasons I am so dedicated to this blog.
I feel like it is a great way to make connections.
It's a way to sort of "put myself out there" and see who it brings in.

One thing I know for sure is this:
Today is a good day if I am able to connect with

Have a great Monday!

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