Sunday, December 14, 2014

Random Thoughts...with Beth

I need to make a confession.
I had two beers last night.
On an empty stomach.
Needless to say, I provided mindless entertainment for those around me.
I even woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, and felt sick.
Kind of like in college...only back then I would have consumed more like a pitcher of beer, and a few cocktails.
This is what I have become.
A cheap drunk.
I wish I had taken some pictures of the fun.
I only took two....of Mark and Colin.
Here they are...being a bit anti social.  They were perfectly content with each other's company and a beer though.
And Colin.  Fitting right in with the men of old...hanging on the wall of the Masonic Theater.
(Colin is playing bass for the show we are doing, by the way.)
I just found the PERFECT quote (and graphic) to use right here...
and it's really funny....but completely inappropriate.
For some reason, I just can't go there.  
I feel a strong need to stay at a PG rating.
That just made me laugh. (The PG rating)
When we lived in Bloomington, there was the cutest couple who lived across the street.
Vic and Shirley.
They must have been in their 70's.
Both of their spouses had died years earlier...and these two were "shacking up."
Vic always sat at the kitchen table, or in the living room in his recliner, watching TV.  He wore a blue, short sleeved button down shirt, jeans and suspenders.  Every single day. 
And he had a strong German accent.
Shirley was a chain smoker who probably weighed about 90 pounds, and she died her hair a dark black.
She sounded like she had been swallowing sandpaper for the last 40 years when she spoke.  She would have been an excellent candidate for
Her skin was super wrinkly, and Sam's favorite thing to do was pinch the skin on her knees. (He was 1.)
Shirley was Lexie's best friend.  She adored her.
One might think a three year old would be a little timid around a wrinkled skeleton of a woman who sounded like a gravelly old trucker when she spoke....but not my kid.
She LOVED Shirley.
And Shirley loved her.
She would bring presents over for every birthday and holiday.
Plates of cookies and candy (that smelled like cigarettes....just like everything else in Shirley's house) ;)
It was adorable.
Why I bring them up is because my PG rating reminded me of them.
Right before Mark and I left for his band trip to Hawaii, Shirley yelled out her front door, (in her gravelly, Shirley voice, of course)
"Have a great trip!  And don't get PG!!!"
Thanks Shirley.  I will try to stay without child. lol.
Even after we moved to Wisconsin, she would still send cards and gifts for every birthday and holiday.  They even drove their little camper here to visit once.
Shirley put on her cute little pink nightie at bedtime, and slept in Lexie's room.
"Come on Lexie.  It's time for Shirley to go to bed."  
Vic slept in the camper.
One year, the cards stopped.....and I knew something was wrong.
She never missed a birthday.  Ever.
We stopped by their house on our next trip through the cities.
Shirley had died of cancer.
We never even knew she was sick.
It was heartbreaking.
She was a tiny little, chain smoking angel in our lives.
I still miss her.
I spent some time today perusing the Craigslist "Pet" ads.
Just because there isn't anything better than wasting time by looking at cute animals.
And then I fell in love.
Look at this face!!  

Apparently, he is also a dog trainer.
And those cute little white fluffy feet.

I, of course, would have to get rid of my husband, since he is horribly allergic to cats...but OMG...this little guy is so stinking cute.
And he is currently living in a GARAGE.
Seriously.....that just makes me so sad.
I tuck my dogs in at night to make sure they are warm my BED...and I still worry "are they comfortable?  Are they warm?  Do they have enough leg room?  Anyone need a glass of water?"
If only I were rich.
I would have an animal sanctuary.
And then all of the animals of the world would be warm, well fed and cared for...and most of all, LOVED.

Lexie bought me some red lipstick today.
Watch out world.

the end.

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