Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cream Puffs and Queens

I spent my Tuesday feeling kind of cruddy.
I woke up at 4am with a weird tummy...and just went down hill from there.
That made three days in a row of sloth-like behavior.
No matter has to be a different scenario.
I have work to do from sloth-li-ness (I am almost positive that is a real word) will not be an option.

I have decided to thrill you with a Wednesday of 

1. It truly does not matter if I consume 100 calories or 10,000.  
I have officially reached the point of no return.
Apparently 42 was the magic age of "this is when your metabolism will shut down."  I had hoped it would be more like age 72...or 92.

I can no longer depend on my eating habits to solve my weight issues.
I now have to add the dreaded exercise element to my regimen.
Lucky me.

2. Dogs (well, animals in general) but in my case, dogs are the best source of entertainment, companionship, affection, and joy ever.
If humans would just start following the example of these amazing animals, we would live in a wonderful world.

And they are FUNNY!!!

And so adorable. Right along with their feline counterparts.

3. I was born without a filter.  I have learned to live with this...and really am fine with it.  In fact, in all honesty, it's probably a good thing (most of the time.)
I have about a 98% success rate of keeping my mouth shut when the thoughts in my head would be hurtful or might cause conflict (if I actually voiced them)...but if I have a strong opinion about something, I have a hard time keeping quiet about it.
I suppose that is the benefit of having a blog.
I can pontificate all I want....although I try to be careful about what I write here too.
It really is interesting, isn't it?  We all have the freedom of "free speech" however, we aren't always free to use that freedom because of things like our jobs, our religion, our cultures, etc.
Because I am Catholic and work at a Catholic church...I have to be careful about what I post via social media, or what I write about publicly.  There are definitely some things I strongly disagree with regarding Catholic teachings...and I have been chastised for making that known.
Sometimes, it's just easier to avoid the topic all together.
However....if there is injustice occurring, and I feel that I can have a voice as far as making people aware, and perhaps moving toward a positive change...then I am darn well going to make some noise!

4.  People can be so dumb and heartless.

I was watching yet another video on Facebook where two guys were doing an experiment.  Both were out in public on crutches, while carrying a few bags.  One was dressed nicely, the other was dressed like a homeless man.
They would intentionally fall off their crutch when there was a group of people nearby.
EVERY TIME the well dressed man fell, several people stopped to help him up, gather his bags, and made sure he was ok.
When the "homeless guy" fell (and his falls were more severe, and he had more stuff) people would just scatter, and walk around him.  The ONLY time anyone helped him was when he fell near another homeless man who was sitting on a street corner.  That man immediately got up and helped.

How pathetic is that?  Is our society that heartless?  We don't have enough compassion to stop for 30 seconds to help someone less fortunate than ourselves back onto their feet?  I was disgusted by it.
It sure was eye opening though.  It made me want to do more.  It made me want to really try to put myself in the shoes of the people I see who are obviously struggling.  It's far too easy to just avert my eyes and walk on by.
I know if it were me in that position, I would hope someone would notice me.

5.  And, on a completely unrelated topic:
Neither of my children are allowed to get married until I am able to 
get this dress....and look this fabulous in it.

I do not feel that I am asking to much.
I might have to grow another 6-8 inches...but so be it.

6. And finally....would you not agree that this cream puff queen looks eerily like my daughter Lexie??

Cream Puff Queen (from some Scandanavian Country)


Okay....I really don't if she was a Cream Puff Queen...but her dress IS made out of cream puffs.  That would be far too tempting, and sticky for me.

Whoo-hoo!  The clock just struck midnight, so I am going to post this baby, and go to bed!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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