Saturday, January 24, 2015

From Ugh to Aaahhh!

I had been looking forward to Friday ALL week.
It was the one "empty box" on my calendar.
The two days prior to it were completely packed with commitments, so once Friday arrived....I was in heaven.
Until I began my typical morning Facebook perusal.
And found out my kids only had a 1/2 day of school.
I realize it's finals week...but couldn't they just corral them all in the gym and make them meditate or do push-ups or something until 3:00?
Surely they could extend finals for an additional three hours, right?!
And why is daycare only offered for young children?
I suppose I could have called around to see if they would accept teenagers.
Maybe the local doggie daycare would, if not the regular daycare?
I mean, they ARE up to date on all their shots and everything.
The only saving grace is that they are at a show choir invitational all day I guess that will kind of make up for it.
Except my husband is home now.
Maybe I can send him to the adult day care in town?
Actually...all I need to do is suggest he go ice fishing...and I'm home free.

A few weeks ago, I placed an order for a "spoon ring" from the Vintage Pearl.
(If you haven't heard of's a cute little online "shop" were you can order hand stamped jewelry.  Anyway...the price was right, and I've always been wanting a "spoon" or "fork" ring.
Anyway, I chose to get a lower case "b" in the italic lettering.
Bad idea.
It arrived yesterday....and it just looks like an upside down "g."

And I have SO many "g's" in my name.  Or none.
Add that to yesterday's 
"Things that make me go "ugh" list. :-/
On to happier lists!
Today....the "Things that make me to AAHHHHH list!!"
(I might need to go grab some chocolate to clear my palate...I need to get the disappointment of that stupid ring out of my head."
Some adorable dog pictures should help. :))
Could there be a cuter pair?!
I'm in love.
Some days are harder than others. LOL

Okay....on to the AAHHHHHH list~!

1.  Every adorable dog (and baby!) above!
2. Good hair days.
3. When magazines arrive in the mail.
4. When unexpected checks arrive in the mail. (Or expected ones...those are nice too!)
5. When something you aren't looking forward to gets cancelled.
6. Random acts of kindness.
7. When my kids are happy/successful/joyful/goofy/kind/etc.
8. When I feel appreciated.
9. Those "magical" musical moments.
10. Super productive days.
11. When I feel really motivated...(I wish that would happen RIGHT NOW!)
12. When you receive a note/card/letter that makes you feel really good, out of the blue.
13. When you are cold...that moment you sink into a hot bubble bath.
14. The first day it's warm enough to open the windows after a long winter.
15. A really good massage (for me, when they start working on my neck and head...HEAVEN!)
16. Sliding into a freshly made bed (with really fluffy pillows!)
17. That day when your house is perfectly clean. (I'm going to assume this is an AAHHHH moment....since I'm still waiting for that damn day.)
18. Writing the last check for any loan you have.
19. That first bite of cheesecake/chocolate cake/key lime pie/anything delicious.
20. That first step out the school door on the last day of school before summer vacation. (I will never forget those aahhhhs from my teaching days!)
21. Finding EXACTLY what you have been looking for...on clearance!
22. Getting the really cute waiter when you are out with your girlfriends.
23.  When your husband offers to do the grocery shopping, AND he comes home with the RIGHT stuff!
24. When there just happens to be a marathon of your very favorite show on the day you are home sick.
25. When you find out the hotel you are supposed to be staying at is overbooked, so they had to upgrade you to the jacuzzi suite.
What are your AAHHHHH moments?

My biggest AAHHH moment will be when I convince my husband that my life will not be complete until this baby is in my arms!!!
I better get working on that.

Happy Saturday!

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