Thursday, January 22, 2015

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I am starting to realize that I need to have a "come to Jesus" moment.....
with myself.
Those "baby steps" I have been attempting to take have turned into something that resembles more of a "I'm stuck in the mud...and going nowhere" scenario.
Not exactly what I had planned.
For instance...I am writing this at 1:00am.
That is a pretty good indicator that I will not be getting up at a reasonable time, and taking on the world, like I would like to be.
More than likely...I will sleep until the last possible moment, and then rush to get ready and hope to make it to work on time.
I don't have to be there until 12:30, so I could use the entire morning to get lots of other things done....but who am I fooling?  

The one area that is really frustrating me is that darn work-out room that has been at a complete stand-still.
The tread-mill is up and running...but I certainly am not.
I keep trying to gear myself up for it....attempting to motivate myself to go down there and try it out (that's right...I haven't even tried the darn thing out yet) but then I get home and think "eh...maybe tomorrow."

I have this picture in my head of how the room will look when it is finished, and I, for some reason, am refusing to do anything in there until it's all done.
Right now, it's a big mess with a treadmill in the middle of it....not exactly a motivational work-out environment.  
Maybe I will try and get it put together this weekend.
Lord knows I need to start SOON!!

I have also been at a stand still with my office area organization.
I am still in search of the perfect file cabinet thingy.
I decided to take my time, and wait until I find exactly what I'm looking for...rather than settling for something that just kind of works.
I hope it shows up soon...because I'm sick of that mess too.

Is it really possible to have an area that is this^^ tidy and neat?
I love how it looks...but I have to wonder if they actually store anything here...or if they just display cute office supplies?
I'm guessing the latter.

I started reading a fabulous book yesterday...I will tell you about it tomorrow.
(Hey, it will give me something to write about!!)
But for now, I have two goofy, furry boys who are attempting to coax me into going to bed. (They are too short and fat to get all the way up on the bed themselves.)

So, the three of us will waddle our way toward dreamland....and wish you a lovely Thursday!


  1. Oh Beth...I am so right there with you Sweetie....Hang in there!

  2. Thanks Sheila!! Spring will come.....eventually. Right? Maybe by then we will be functioning like normal people again!! xox