Friday, January 23, 2015

Things That Make Me Go Ugh ;)

As I was pondering today's post, I began to think about where my life is going.
I have definitely felt a strong "dip" in a lot of areas lately.
Mostly areas involving creativity.
I haven't been doing much to change things up in the house (other than re-arranging the furniture in the small living room area we have after removing the Christmas tree.)
I should mention that January is typically a time of year when I need CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE!
My writing has become very dull and monotonous. (obviously!!)
It's hard to come up with interesting topics when you don't feel like you are doing anything interesting to write about.
Maybe I need to get another naughty dog. 
I never lacked material when Bennett lived here, that's for sure!

I haven't done anything musically creative (other than stuff for work) for a LONG time.  By that, I mean nothing that is just for me.
I think the perfect solution would be a week (or four) on a quiet, secluded, tropical island, where I could just lay on the beach (and the cabana boy would make sure I stayed hydrated) and search for the meaning of life.
Or, at least do some soul searching into the meaning of MY life.
But....that just isn't in the cards.
So...I will have to figure out a different plan.
Until then, I will just keep pondering.
Today I decided to write about things that make me go "ugh."
This came to mind as soon as I woke up.
Two days ago, I added a lovely white comforter to our bed, because I found that the blankets I had on weren't quite up to par in the "keep us warm" factor.
As always, I was snuggling with my chihuahua Riley.
I got out of bed to see that he had at some point gotten sick, and threw up not once, but three times, as he made his way across my once lovely comforter.
Hence, the things that make me go "ugh."
"Ugh" can encompass a wide range of things, from "gross" to "disappointing" to "annoying."
I have been told I have a facial expression for each of them.  
I think I was just born with uber expressive eyebrows.

A terrible poker player I would be.
On to the list.
It will be a partial list.  You would be here all day if it were complete.
And yes...this is really just a pet peeve list.
Here we go!

1. People (my son) who puts empty food containers back in the fridge, cupboards.
2. My husband's new laugh (that sounds like that "cat with a hairball sound" you can make with your throat.) My kids have started doing it too.
3. Pepperoni hiding underneath the cheese on my pizza. I HATE pepperoni.
4. Headaches.
5. When there is still lotion in the bottle, but the pump is too short to reach it.
6. That one piece of fruit or vegetable that unbeknownst to you, got separated from the rest, rotted, and smells horrible...but you can't figure out where the smell is coming from.
7. Paper cuts.
8. Meetings that are just wrapping up....and then one person starts talking about something, and you are forced to sit there for another 20 minutes.
9. When you write something in your calendar in PEN, and realize you are writing it in the wrong Month. (I hate messing up my calendar!)
10. When someone else drives your car, and screws up your seat and window placement....and you can never get it quite right again.
11. Gross mouth noises.  (Probably my biggest UGH!)
12. When you are leaving on a trip...and twenty miles into it, you realize you have to turn around because you have forgotten something important.
13. Bad breath.
14. When it is Easter morning, and you play a fabulous prelude, and time it perfectly so it will end right at 10 am for the start of Mass.....and when nothing happens, you realize that Mass doesn't actually start until 10:15.  Oops.
15. When you get all dressed up, and are feeling super confident and attractive...and then hit a patch of ice and wipe out in front of a bunch of people.
16.  When you get the flu or give birth on your friend's wedding days.
(yeah...both happened.)
17. When you order take-out, and they didn't  get your order right, but you don't realize it until you have driven all the way home.  Or you are trying to eat in the car...and they NEVER give you napkins.
18. When the batteries in your remote control die.
19.  If anyone knocks on your door on the days you have declared "not showering or getting out of my pj's" days. (And it NEVER fails that it's a cute delivery guy.  The unattractive ones only come when we look good.)
20.  When you go all out on a big party, or are putting on a big event, but few or none of your closest friends show up.
What are your biggest "UGH'S?"
Tomorrow....we will turn this frown upside down, and list our AAAHHHHS!!! he might be saying "BAAAHHH" but you get the idea. ;)

Have a great FRIDAY!!!


  1. Ugh - your newest fur baby waking you up 15 minutes before the alarm goes off so she can go out! She is insistent and you know there is no point in trying go back to sleep. It will get better! Have a great day Beth!

  2. Ugh. When you dog sit your sons great dog and she is sick with the runs and pukes most of the time he gone on a wonderful ski vacation.

  3. Sheila....Oh no....little stinker! Good thing they are so adorable!! Hopefully she will soon learn that mama needs to SLEEP!! ;)

  4. Ruth....that is awful!! I hope Gabby doesn't get sick too! ;( You are going to need a vacation when he gets back! Sending lots of "doggie get better" vibes your way!! Hugs!! xo