Monday, January 19, 2015

Start Again

I always amaze myself on Sundays.
This Sunday was no exception.
I proved that it is, indeed, possible to spend an entire day in bed.  Doing absolutely nothing.

Well....I did get up to eat.
But I pretended it was morning...all day (so I didn't feel so guilty about staying in bed.)
I had eggs for breakfast, crepes for lunch, and pancakes for dinner.
I'm sure those healthy choices didn't immediately turn to fat as I sat there like a beached whale.

It's really quite amazing how exhausting it is to do nothing.
I actually had to take a little nap around 6pm so I could stay awake until bedtime.
I should also mention, as I'm writing this...the visual that I am creating of myself is so beyond attractive...if I were single, I think I would want to date myself.
Or maybe not.
Luckily, my kids followed suit, and were just as lazy as I was.
(I think we were all a little tired.)

Mark, on the other hand, decided to spend his Sunday sitting out on some frozen body of water in his portable lake home...attempting to catch a fish (which, of course, did not happen.)

I am guessing that this is the only way he ever gets any quiet time to himself.
I think I would find someplace warmer, and more aesthetically pleasing than an insulated plywood man-playhouse....but, hey, whatever trips his trigger.

I told him I would make him some pretty bench cushions....he hasn't responded yet.

This looks lonely to me!

At any rate...we get to start fresh yet again today.
Gotta love Monday.

Now...the trick is to wake up in one of those "take on the day" moods.
Once I get that figured out....I will be in business!
The good news is that I burned through ALL of the Castle episodes I had at least that temptation is no longer available.

Here is to a great (and productive/fun/energy filled!) Monday!

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